Sun of A Beach


Watch your kids and try to keep them out of trouble on an increasingly ridiculous beach.


Designer, Artist, Producer

Time: 1 week

Platform: EyeGaze Tracker

Team Members:

Atit Kothari

Martin Ding

Rose Heid

Wang Zhetao

Xiaolin Liu


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Sun of a Beach

BVW World for EyeGaze Tracker

This game was made in one week with the intention of simply exploring the idea of making something fun to play. One interesting thing our team found when developing the game was that it was fun to watch as well as play, which added to the experience.The story of this game is that you are a father taking his family to the beach. However, your kids are rather mischevious and keep getting into trouble. You must keep an eye on them while trying to not get distracted by the other events happening on the beach.