EFSD Energy Lab: Vis Viva


The Energy Lab project is intended to transform a traditional classroom into a fully interactive space where students can learn about all forms of energy through hands-on learning and collaboration. Vis Viva is a game kiosk where students learn about the geological processes used to locate fossil fuels.

Role: Designer, Co-Producer, 2d/UI Artist

Time: 15 weeks

Team Members:

Adarsh T. P.

Lisa Elkin

Maoyang Li

Qing Mao

Rose Heid

Yu-cheng(Larry) Chang




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Vis Viva

EFSD Energy Lab

Vis Viva is the second of four project teams working with the Elizabeth Forward school district and Chevron to create an interactive energy lab for middle school students.

The goal of this project is to create a unique learning space that teaches students about different types of energy while feeling nothing like a typical classroom.

Our team will be adding the second installment to this space and will be focusing on fossil fuels.

Through an interactive installation, our project will explore and answer questions like: What are fossil fuels? How do we find them? And how do we extract them?